Kahlua White Russian

Kahlua White Russian

A regular contender in the top 10 cocktails of all time, the White Russian is a true icon.  Made from Kahlúa, vodka and cream (or milk, depending on your preference) this drink is out of this world: smooth, utterly delicious - like an iron fist in a velvet glove. It first rose to fame in 1965 as the cool and laid back sibling of the Black Russian, and it cemented its status in the disco era of the 1970s. The White Russian has since become a cult movie icon. Sit back, relax and enjoy with friends. And don't let anyone mess you when you do.


1 part  Kahlúa
2 parts Absolut Vodka
1 part Heavy Cream

How to mix it

Fill a rocks glass with ice. With the help of Absolut Vodka, a kick of Kahlúa, float thick cream on top to create the iconic classic. Swirl with a straw to mix up a perfect storm. For a less calorific version you can make this with milk, half and half, skim milk and if you’re lactose intolerant try it with soy milk!