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Classic Drinks

B-52 shot

The triple layered B-52 Shot

A drink born in the 70's, the B-52 shot is a combination of Kahlúa, Irish cream and Triple Sec (bar talk for orange liqueur).

The B-52 is mostly known for its impressive composition. When prepared properly, the ingredients separate into three visible layers, graciously floating upon another. Make sure to grow your mullet, and the pleasure is all… ours.

B-52 Shot

The Kahlúa recipe How to make

  • 1 part kahlúa
  • 1 part irish cream liqueur
  • 1 part triple sec

Ok so layers – the opposite of mixing. It’s delicate, so treat the B52 shot like your grandma’s vase! Recipe secret lies in the density of the liquids. Grab a chilled shot glass, start with Kahlúa, then add cream liqueur and finish with the orange liqueur. Tip: Pour the booze on the back of a spoon for perfect layering. Better Tip: Set it on fire! 

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