Tips to get you started

Think outside the box

Get some fresh air (safely) this Friendsgiving and let our delicious drinks keep you warm outside.


1) Pre-mix your cocktails at home, ready to take with you. Remember, Kahlúa tastes awesome hot or cold, so make sure you plan the right cocktails for the chillier weather.


2) Find a spot that’s spacious and quiet, where you can set up your seating area and table (or picnic blankets). A garden, yard, or even your local park—keep it simple, it’s all about the company.


3) Decorate! How much is up to you, but if it’s likely to be ‘grammed, you’re going to want time to prepare. Oh, and don’t forget the plates, cutlery, napkins…!


4) Snacks matter: seasonal flavors and Thanksgiving twists will turn heads and warm hearts. Tip: Agree beforehand on what everyone’s bringing, to avoid doubling up.


5) Let’s not kid ourselves—it’s going to be cold. Install space heaters, or start a campfire / fire pit, if at home. Not an option? Just don those thermals and scarves, and cold-proof your party the old-fashioned way.

Dishing out ideas

Cooking a Friendsgiving meal is no small feat. So, do yourself a favor and celebrate potluck-style. After all, sharing is caring…


For a stress-free, online Friendsgiving, pick dishes with your crew over Pinterest and share the end result via video chat. Keep it simple. Favorite foods only!


PS: Don’t forget dessert! (Did someone say tiramisu?)


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Feast of fun

We won’t bother listing out a bunch of games—you know what you like playing…


Just make sure you keep the drinks flowing and the music pumping. And if the karaoke machine accidentally comes out, well, just know it’s considered rude for guests to refuse.


Opting for a virtual gathering, instead? Then the joy of multi-player games like ‘Among Us’ awaits you. Time to wreak some festive havoc!