Tips to get you started

Looking the part

Sure, your tree looks cute, but your drinks should look the part, too… Bring out your best glasses, replace those candy canes with red and white paper straws and spruce up those rims with some edible glitter. Let the ‘gramming begin!

The Holiday spirit? (It’s called Kahlúa)

Holidays are for pulling out the stops. Also known as a drinks menu!
Pick 2 or 3, which are easy (to make and easier to drink) and cycle through. Here are some ideas…


Start with something crisp, like a Kahlúa Cold Brew Soda. Sparkling, cool and a great palette-cleanser.


Then hit those old favorites—something rich and velvety, like an Espresso Martini, or a Cold Brew White Russian. Or both!


Finally, end the festivities with something a little softer—but no less tasty—like the Latte Martini, or Kahlúa Affogato (aka Affogato Martini).


Each deliciously quick and simple to make.


And don’t forget, practice makes perfect, so make sure you master them before the big day! Just think of it as ‘research’.

Out with the old and in with the bold

The Holidays are the perfect time for traditions—old or new, it’s entirely up to you.


So, why not mix the two? Or update the traditions you know and love?


Hit Pinterest throughout the year and start saving awesome ideas, ready for Holiday season.


Use shared boards to get different perspectives (or secret boards, if you’d rather plan in private…).


Our advice? Be bold and have fun with it. Think of everything you love about the season and go BIG!


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