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Iced coffee cocktails to keep you cool

Tips to get you started

The taste of summer

Get ready for ice cream season by playing around with new and daring homemade ice cream flavors…


We’ll get you started with our very own Kahlúa Affogato—a cold, smooth dessert made from vanilla ice cream, espresso and Kahlúa coffee liqueur. Easy.


But don’t stop there! Mix Kahlúa and your other favorite liquors and flavors, to make boozy cocktail popsicles your friends will love.

Take movie night outdoors

Make the most of the long days and great weather by getting everyone together for a relaxing movie marathon al fresco!


Find a choice spot, set up a projector and invite your crew to your premiere. Keep the cocktails flowing and the popcorn… well, popping!


Feeling a little cool? Why not try our warming Peppermint Cocoa, or a Cider Caliente? Guaranteed to keep you cozy.

Picnic o’clock!

Okay, let’s be honest—picnics don’t have to be fancy.


Their secret sauce? Great company, summery playlists and a few outdoor games to burn off those snacks (did someone say frisbee?).


For drinks, satisfy those thirsting taste buds with a refreshing Espresso Tonic, Kahlúa Mojitos or our famous Coffee Margaritas. Enjoy!