Stout’s out, Espresso Martinis are in this St. Patrick’s day

St Patrick’s Day called; it’s bored of stout as Kahlúa stirs things up by revealing that 60% of Brits would rather drink an Espresso Martini over a stout this March 17th

[CUE THE CÉILÍ WITH MEXICAN TRUMPETS] This St. Patrick’s Day, Stout’s Out and Espresso Martinis are in. Fact. While green beer and stout have long been traditional favourites for St. Patrick’s Day, research by Kahlúa, the world’s number one coffee liqueur brand*, shows that 60% of Brits would rather drink an espresso martini over a stout to celebrate the emerald isle. And, with a quarter (22%) ready to commit and make the switch exclusively from stout to their favourite coffee-based cocktail on the big day, it’s clear people are ready to stir things up this March 17th.

And let’s face it, it isn’t *that* big a change! Why choose a pint of black and creamy stout when you can have a dazzling martini glass filled with your other favourite black and creamy drink? They pretty much look the same, no? Ándale, to the bar!

Kahlúa is showing up in unexpected ways this St. Patrick’s Day to remind drinkers that they can – and should – choose the drink they really want. While 64% of drinkers have felt social pressure to drink a certain drink to celebrate an occasion, nearly half (42%) of drinkers fear they might be judged for ordering a cocktail instead of a pint on St. Patrick’s Day. Enough is enough! Kahlúa is on a mission to get drinkers to stir things up and have the drink their heart actually desires with a deliciously creamy, Kahlúa Espresso Martini.

Not yet convinced? Don’t just take our word for it…

Ex-Ireland professional rugby player Rory Best, who has teamed up with Kahlúa, says:
“As an ex-professional rugby player, there’s a particular pint I’ve always been associated with and whenever I go to the bar, people assume they know what I want to drink… it’s true, there’s nothing quite like a cold, black and creamy beverage on St Patrick’s Day, but for me, it’s got to be a Kahlúa Espresso Martini. I’m proud to stir things up with Kahlúa this St Patrick’s Day, challenging traditional stereotypes and encouraging everyone to celebrate in their own way, whatever they want to drink – Feliz St. Patrick’s Day!”

There you have it. Fancy an espresso martini now? We’ve got you covered. Research shows that 5pm will be the time that even the most seasoned of stout drinkers will choose to opt for something lighter, so, for those in UK this St Patrick’s Day weekend, Thursday 14th – Sunday 17th, head to Dirty Martini Bars for 2-4-1 Espresso Martinis starting at 5pm to celebrate and say Slainte – or Salud – with a velvety smooth, sophisticated as heck glass of the nation’s new favourite black and creamy drink. 

Craig van Niekerk, Global VP of Marketing for Kahlúa comments, “The people have spoken, and we’ve listened. It’s time to stir up St. Patrick’s Day and have everyone enjoying their drinks – and what better way than with a Kahlúa Espresso Martini? Kahlúa makes moments less mundane by adding a boost of playfulness, bringing something extra to the everyday.”

Van Niekerk continues, “Ultimately, we want everyone to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in their own way with whatever drink they desire. Whether that’s a pint of stout, a dazzling espresso martini, or just a tall glass of water, it’s each to their own, right? We say Salud and Slainté to everyone, no matter what drink you fancy!”

To our Irish fans, we have teamed up with iconic Dublin pub Hogans on Fade Street, Kahlúa has you covered and the first round of Espresso Martinis is on them. Hogans will be serving 100 complimentary black and creamy Espresso Martinis on a first come, first served basis from 1pm this St Patrick’s Day.

This desire for contemporary approaches to traditional celebrations comes as more people seek to personalise occasions. With moments such as Galentine’s Day being recognised globally, and Friendsgiving starting to gain traction outside of the US, its clear young adults are increasingly craving personalisation and want to stir up traditions, which is why Kahlúa has stepped in to save the day, encouraging everyone to enjoy their drink of choice this St. Patrick’s Day.

So, whether you’re into old-school celebrations or more modern interpretations, Kahlúa is bringing the fiesta to the Emerald Isle with a Black, Creamy, Espresso martini.


St. Patrick’s Day called, it’s bored of Stout
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