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Kahlúa Presents The White Russian Movie Starring Jeff Bridges

How to make - by Jeff

Jeff Bridges explains the perfect Kahlúa White Russian. In this, the final episode of the exclusive behind the scenes series of the film 'The White Russian', Jeff helps us get to grips with how to put together this cult classic, along with even more exclusive footage from sets and locations in the movie.

Behind the scenes - Cult

What makes something cult? Who better to answer that question then legendary cult film star Jeff Bridges. Talking from the set of his latest short movie – ‘The White Russian’ - we go one on one with this Academy Award winner while seeing exclusive behind the scenes footage from the Kahlúa Production.

Behind the scenes -making of

What attracted Jeff Bridges to this Kahlúa Production? We hear from the man himself on why The White Russian was a cult film he couldn't ignore. We also get to see behind the camera, including exclusive sound-bites from the talented cast.

How to make the white russian

Fill a rocks glass with cubed ice. Add the Kahlúa and Absolut Vodka, finish up with a cream layer. 

Kahlúa Original The White Russian Movie

A mixed up story you wouldn’t believe, until you hear it from the man who was there… That man? Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges.

He tells the twisting tale of the unexpected encounter of two men from different worlds. Shot by Award-winning director Ivan Zacharias this Kahlúa Production was set in the Mexican desert in the early 70’s, and a present day bar you may just stumble upon one day... 

Did you know it takes 7 years to produce a bottle