Tips to get you started

All about flavor

The meats are grilling, the potato salad’s sweating and the sauces are OUT—this BBQ is on its way to lit.


If you’re having people come over, make sure they’re bringing things to top up the menu.

Only the tastiest cuts and the crunchiest veggies will do!

Keeping cool

Whether you’re cooking at the grill, or just munching on the sidelines, a BBQ needs drinks. And certainly a wide variety to please all those taste buds.


From the Kahlúa Cold Brew Soda, to the Coffee Margarita—cooling drinks is what we do best.


So, raid our recipes to find your ultimate favorites and mix your way to the perfect BBQ.

Sizzling sounds

Sure, you have some expertly curated playlists in your back pocket, but this is neither the time nor the place, friend.


Instead, keep it classic—play music everyone knows, for a chilled, relaxed time.


Or, even better, open it up to requests if you want to truly get to know your guests…