Tips to get you started

Fewer rules, more fuel

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to reconnect with friends…


Just make sure you’ve got great drinks lined up, to keep the night’s festivities ticking along—with the Espresso Martini satisfying those taste buds (although we can’t promise it’ll help you win).

Keep it classic

The secret to a successful games night? Keep things simple.


Who wants to waste brain power learning new rules? Simply stick to the classics, so you can spend more time hanging out / catching up.

From IRL to WWW

Meeting online? Even better!


Games night can still be fun, if it’s not IRL.


Just schedule your virtual hangout, circulate the drinks menu and find an online game you can play together (‘Among Us’, anyone?).


Throw in some snacks and some ready-to-drink Espresso-style Martini cans and you, dear friend, are good to go.