You Salty Dog Cocktail

Just a little bite

  • 얼음
  • 1 파트 Kahlúa Salted Caramel Liqueur
  • 1 파트 그레이프프루트 소다
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  • Ml
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  1. 1. Rub a lime wedge around ¾ of the rim of a highball glass
  2. 2. Pour sea salt on a saucer, then dip the glass on the saucer so the crystals stick to the rim.
  3. 3. Pour Kahlúa Salted Caramel to the glass with ice.
  4. 4. Top with Grapefruit Soda.

The bold combination of salty, sour and sweet flavors makes this drink the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Treat yourself, or try it with friends.