On Tap

Espresso Martinis have been sweeping the nation for a few years now, with no sign of them leaving our bars anytime soon. With Kahlua being THE essential ingredient for an Espresso Martini, we’ve just gone and made your life so, SO much easier! Espresso Martinis now exist on tap in Australia in a venue near you - keep your eyes peeled for our kegs of Kahlua, Absolut Vodka & The Kind Coffee Co. Espresso Martinis nationwide!


Our Espresso Martinis have that signature Kahlua nutty & chocolatey flavour, complemented by our Swedish vodka partner, Absolut, and rounded off with organic coffee supplier, The Kind Coffee Co, all the way from Byron Bay. This comes together to give a cocktail with an exceptionally velvety mouthfeel, all topped off with a beautiful crema.