Press Release

Kahlua debuts the first ready-to-drink Espresso Martini can

Kahlúa has launched the newest member of it’s family – the Kahlúa Espresso Martini can – with a velvety smooth texture and made with carefully selected ingredients to taste and feel like a freshly shaken Espresso Martini. As a traditionally tricky cocktail to master at home, Kahlúa has taken the confusion out of the preparation with the new Espresso Martini can … Continued

Press Release

Kahlúa at the Global Coffee Festival

In November 2020, we challenged baristas and bartenders around the world to create the next BIG coffee cocktail, through our #BeyondEspressoMartini challenge. Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to Claire on her magnificent creation… How to make it: 20ml Kahlúa50ml dark rum25ml espresso (or strong filter coffee)15ml marmalade cordial5ml cherry heering1 Kahlúa soaked cherry, or orange peel #BeyondEspressoMartini – Kahlúa … Continued

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