Worlds Smallest Aprés Ski

This winter, we took the Aprés Ski to a new level, but not in the way you expected.

The idea of an After Ski (or Aprés Ski) is quite a known one. Where large groups of loud would-be-ski-vacationers celebrate a day on the slopes by dancing on tables to an equally loud live cover band. While it could be fun, it’s perhaps not for everyone.

The tradition of the Aprés Ski actually started as a quieter, more refined practice of sharing a warm beverage with a couple of friends and sharing the day’s experiences before heading back to the lodge. Which again, may not be for everyone.

What if we could find a middle ground: a party without the crowds?

The idea, The World’s Smallest After Ski – to bring a Kahlua-style Aprés Ski to you.

With appearances so far in Åre Sweden, Ruka Finland and Sälen Sweden, we took a gondola and converted it into miniature party that people could go to after a session on the slopes, and enjoy some delicious warm Kahlua cocktails with friends and music in an intimate yet energetic setting, big enough for six.


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