Mix up some real chills this Halloween

Mix up some real chills this Halloween

How to Mix Cold Brew Soda

Every spooky shindig needs an easy Halloween cocktail, so serve up a three-ingredient Kahlúa Cold Brew Soda to get the festivities started!

Learn how to mix a Cold Brew Soda

  • parts Kahlúa
  • parts Cold Brew
  • parts soda
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How to mix

  1. For this recipe, you’ll need an old jar (or a new one that looks like an old one), or a glass.
  2. Fill it up with ice.
  3. Add Kahlúa and cold brew and stir.
  4. Top off with soda.
  5. Garnish with lemon or orange wheels.

How to mix a 'Mule de Café' For Halloween

Top Tips

Stir up the spirits

On drink-making-duty this Hallow’s Eve? Bring your signature witch’s brew by making Kahlúa Mule de Café ahead of time. Serve your punch in a cauldron and make it a witchin’ centerpiece of the party!

Spell-binding snacks

Build a snack bar for your adult Halloween party and ask your guests to bring a festive finger food! Say bone appétit with...

  • Graveyard Guac: Decorate your guacamole with tombstones made out of crackers
  • Witches Fingers: Bake zucchini fries and serve them with spicy marinara
  • Mad Scien-dips: Display your party dips in beakers, then create a spice rack out of test tubes for extra flavor


Creep it real (social media-ready) at this year’s Halloween bash. Fill baskets with props so your crew can take their poses to the next level. Don’t forget to create a party hashtag for everyone sharing their spooky selfies and ghastly group photos!

The unofficial drink of untangling the lights


The unofficial drink of friendsgiving shenanigans

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