Mix up some real chills this Halloween

Mix up some real chills this Halloween

How to Mix Cold Brew Soda

Every spooky shindig needs an easy Halloween cocktail, so serve up a three-ingredient Kahlúa Cold Brew Soda to get the festivities started!

Learn how to mix a Cold Brew Soda

  • parts Kahlúa
  • parts Cold Brew
  • parts soda
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How to mix

  1. For this recipe, you’ll need an old jar (or a new one that looks like an old one), or a glass.
  2. Fill it up with ice.
  3. Add Kahlúa and cold brew and stir.
  4. Top off with soda.
  5. Garnish with lemon or orange wheels.

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Planning some frightful fun this Hallow’s Eve? Get a few of your crew into the spooky spirit by sharing a list of cocktail recipes with on-theme names. Whether it’s a Witch’s (Cold) Brew, a Kahlúa Ghostly Ginger Ale or a Kahlúa Espresso Zombini, shake up your Halloween celebration with an easy coffee cocktail. Bonus points for serving your punch in a cauldron and making it the witchin’ centerpiece of your pod’s party!


Build a snack bar for your Halloween movie marathon! Say bone appetit with...

  • Cauldron Queso: Fill a cauldron with warm queso and add a side of tombstone crackers

  • Witch’s Fingers: Bake zucchini fries and serve them with spicy marinara 

  • Monster Cookies: Dip your favorite cookies in white chocolate with festive food coloring, then add eyeball candy sprinkles.


Creep it real with a virtual Halloween happy hour. Challenge the crew to a costume contest, then schedule a time for boos (and booze). Hit play on a favorite song, invite each contestant to twirl, dip, or dance to show off their costume in the allotted time, and ask everyone to write down their score. You can ship the winner their prize via Drizly! 😉

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