Black Russian

The White Russian’s big brother

  • Ice Cubes
  • 1 Part Kahlúa
  • 2 Parts Absolut Vodka
  • Parts
  • Ml
  • Oz
  • 1. Fill a rocks glass with ice.
  • 2. Add the Kahlúa coffee liqueur and Absolut Vodka.
  • 3. Mix together and enjoy.

The Black Russian is the big brother of the equally famous White Russian. It’s a simple yet tasty drink, combining Kahlúa coffee liqueur and vodka in a truly unforgettable way. Estimated ABV = 32% (Kahlúa Original 16%) Estimated ABV = 33% (Kahlúa Original 20%) The exact value depends on how you mix, which measures you use and even your glass!