It’s time to Stir Up Your Routine and take a break from the mundane this Holiday season

Kahlúa is celebrating impromptu moments that bring joy to the everyday with the largest campaign in their history!


Kahlúa taps into their playfully colorful persona to inspire a new approach to Holiday routines.

Stir Up Your Routine This Holiday Season

There’s nothing more mundane than shoveling snow- but what if we stir up the routine and add a bit of post-shoveling fun? Shovel out some time for a front-lawn getaway with a Kahlúa cocktail- perhaps an Irish Coffee or White Russian?

Grocery shopping could use a lift! Mix up the mundane by grabbing a bottle of Kahlúa (and maybe take a mid-aisle dance break?). Unpacking groceries is much more fun when you know there’s a Kahlúa cocktail waiting for you at the end.

However you stir up your routine this Holiday, Kahlúa is there to make moments more playful and fun. Check out our many Holiday cocktails, sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

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