Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll find the answers to the top most asked about Kahlúa.

What is Kahlúa?

Where can I buy Kahlúa?

What does Kahlúa taste like?

What is the colour of a Kahlúa product?

Is the coffee in Kahlúa a flavoring?

Does Kahlúa contain Caffeine?

How do you drink Kahlúa?

What can you mix Kahlúa with?

Can I add Kahlúa to my coffee?

Where can I find recipes for Kahlúa cocktails and drinks?

Can your Kahlúa drink recipes be made at home?

Should Kahlúa be refrigerated?

Why have you changed the label of the Kahlúa Original?

What percentage of alcohol is in Kahlúa Original?

Have you reduced the alcohol content of Kahlúa?

As the alcohol content has been reduced in the Kahlúa Original, does this mean the price has been reduced too?

Your new Kahlúa Original bottle tastes more like coffee. Have you added more?

Does this change the way I should make my cocktails at home?

I’ve still got one of your old Kahlúa Original bottles at home. Is it still okay to use?

I still stock your old Kahlúa Original bottles, should I remove it from our stock?

What’s the production date of my bottle?

Does Kahlúa go bad?

What’s the shelf life of the Kahlúa Flavors?

What’s the shelf life of the Kahlúa Ready-to-drink (RTD’s)?

Does Kahlúa contain milk or cream?

Does Kahlúa contain nuts?

Is Kahlúa Vegan?

Does Kahlúa contain allergens?

Is Kahlúa Gluten free?

What can I use in substitute for Kahlúa?

Is Kahlúa Kosher?

Do Kahlúa sell coffee pods?

Kahlúa samples and POS

Kahlúa sponsorships

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