Tips to get you started

Picking the right drinks

The perfect brunch needs delicious cocktails—it’s the law! Luckily, your options are endless…


Mix and match each brunch, to get to your favorite combination of drinks and foods:


Avocado or French Toast with Espresso Martinis?

Granola Bowls with Kahlúa Ginger Ales?

Huevos Rancheros with Spiked Horchatas?


Have fun experimenting!

Coffee on tap

A winning brunch idea always consists of various coffee options…


Why not upcycle an old dresser, or side cabinet, and set up your very own coffee brewing station? All you need is a coffee maker, a selection of coffees and your favorite mugs.


Finally, throw a bottle of Kahlúa into the mix and you’re halfway to the perfect brunch!

The perfect soundtrack

Whether you’re at home, online or at your favorite eatery, no brunch is complete without music.


A few days beforehand, use your favorite music app to start a collaborative playlist with your friends—ready to play when you meet virtually or IRL.


Rules: Equal numbers of songs per guest, nothing too niche and guilty pleasures FTW!

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