Coffee Ice Cubes

The new taste of summer

  • 얼음
  • 1 파트 깔루아
  • 2 파트 커피
  • 1 파트 우유
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  • Ml
  • Oz
  1. 1. Fill a cup, glass, jug, carafe (or any favorite drinking vessel) halfway with ice.
  2. 2. Pour in the Kahlúa coffee liqueur.
  3. 3. Then add in the black coffee.
  4. 4. Followed by your favorite milk (adding as much or as little, to taste).
  5. 5. Stir well to ensure it’s mixed through (congratulations, you’ve just made Kahlúa Iced Coffee!).
  6. 6. Pour the mix into your ice cube tray (bonus points for quirky shapes) and leave to set in the freezer for at least 6 hours.
  7. 7. When they’re ready, simply drop a couple into your favorite drinks or cocktails, for that added Kahlúa coffee flavor.

Perfect all year around, Kahlúa iced coffee cubes are especially delicious when that summer heat hits. This clever homemade hack will make you wish you’d known about them years ago. And best of all? Your drink gets better as the ice cubes melt—like a gift that keeps on giving. Pictured - served with Ginger Beer.

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