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Kahlúa classics

Mind Eraser

Use your head!

Forget the standard mix, pour and drink.

A few really cool things came out of the 80’s, giant cell phones, massive perms, guilty pleasure music and this 80’s hit. For a unique combination of a shot and a drink: use a straw, start at the bottom and make sure to experience the layers one after the other. 

Mind Eraser

The Classic Kahlúa Recipe how to make

  • 1 Kahlúa
  • 1 Part Absolut Vodka
  • 1 Part Club Soda

Important, fill the glass with ice to the brim. Add Kahlua, then vodka and top off with club soda. This is a layered drink, don’t let the clear liquids fool you. Tip: Don’t stir it up, let the layers rest in peace.

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Original Coffee Liqueur

the mind eraser how to make

Did you know The Word Kahlúa

is derived from “kahwa,” an Arabic slang word for coffee. The name was selected by the liqueur’s founder, Señor Blanco, who wanted to stay true to coffee’s Middle Eastern origins.