Baby Stout


1 part Kahlúa

0.5 parts Irish Cream Liqueur

30 ml Kahlúa

15 ml Irish Cream Liqueur

1 oz Kahlúa

0.5 oz Irish Cream Liqueur

  1. Pour the Kahlúa into a shot glass (or any small, narrow glass).
  2. Slowly pour in the Irish cream liqueur over the back of a spoon, so it sits on top of the Kahlúa.

This delicious little drink doesn’t use ice, so make sure your Kahlúa and Irish cream liqueur are chilled to perfection before making it. Sláinte!


What does a Baby Stout taste like?

It’s deliciously sweet! Creamy, too. It tastes a little like coffee, but not overpowering. Non-coffee drinkers will love it, too. 

What is the proper way to serve a Baby Stout?

The most popular way is to serve it layered in a shot glass. Add the Kahlúa first and then pour Irish cream liqueur into the shot glass (do this over a spoon, which will keep it on top of the Kahlúa). Don’t worry if it swirls / mixes together – it’ll still taste amazing.

Oh, and make sure you chill your shot glasses OR your ingredients. No one likes a warm Baby Stout!

Does a Baby Stout taste like coffee?

A little, yes, because it’s made with Kahlúa coffee liqueur (which is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans). But it’s not overpowering, because Kahlúa is sweet (thanks to the sugarcane rum it’s made with) and so is the other Baby Stout ingredient: Irish cream liqueur.

Does Baby Stout have coffee in it? 

Yes, because one of the two ingredients is Kahlúa coffee liqueur, which is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. But Kahlúa is sweet, and so is the Irish cream liqueur, so the coffee taste isn’t overpowering.

What are some variations of a Baby Stout?

That’s up to you – try making different versions with different Kahlúa flavors, such as Salted Caramel, Mint Mocha, Vanilla or Chili Chocolate. You can also stick with original Kahlúa and switch up the different Irish cream liqueur flavors.

How much alcohol is in a Baby Stout?

It depends on which flavor Kahlúa coffee liqueur and Irish cream liqueur you use to make it, but it’s typically somewhere between 18%-20% ABV.

Is Baby Stout a popular drink?

Yes! In places like the U.K. and Ireland, it’s very popular (especially around St Patrick’s Day). Its popularity is growing globally every year – particularly in the United States.

How strong is a Baby Stout?

Flavor-wise, it’s pretty sweet, as Kahlúa and Irish cream liqueur are both sweet ingredients.

Alcohol-wise, it’s typically somewhere between 18%-20% ABV (depending on which flavor Kahlúa and Irish cream liqueur you use to make it). But it doesn’t have a strong alcohol taste – it mostly tastes deliciously sweet.

Can you make a Baby Stout without alcohol?

Non-alcohol recipes for this shot can probably be found online, but – as Kahlúa is a coffee liqueur – this page is only about the version containing alcohol.

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