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Classic Drinks

Black Russian

The big bro

Meet the Black Russian – the older brother of the White Russian. A mixture of the deep, rich, color of Kahlúa and the unmistakable spirit of Absolut Vodka.

Legend has it that the Black Russian was created in 1949, honoring a memorable hostess whose parties were legendary amongst the brightest stars. Create your own legendary moments with this easy to make cocktail. Simple to mix, impossible to forget.

Black Russian

The Kahlúa recipe How to make

  • 1 part kahlúa
  • 2 parts absolut vodka

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add the booze, mix and enjoy your very own Black Russian.

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Introducing Coach Kahlúa

Kahlúa Original


the black russian how to make

Did you know The Word Kahlúa

is derived from “kahwa,” an Arabic slang word for coffee. The name was selected by the liqueur’s founder, Señor Blanco, who wanted to stay true to coffee’s Middle Eastern origins.