Get into the spirit with our festive coffee cocktails!

Tips to stir up your routine this holiday season

Looking the part

Holidays are for impressing your guests. Also known as a festive drinks menu!


Don’t worry – it’s not as fancy as it sounds. And it’s pretty fun deciding what makes the cut.


Here’s how to make yours…


Pick two or three festive cocktails, which are quick and easy to throw together (who wants to be stuck making complicated cocktails all day?)…


Start with something with a refreshing taste, like a Kahlúa Cold Brew Soda: sparkling, crisp and keeps those taste buds ready for more flavor.


Next, why not hit the classics? We recommend something rich and velvety, like an Espresso Martini, or an Irish Coffee. (Or both!)


Finally, wrap things up with a little festive indulgence. Skip dessert and treat your guests to a creamy White Russian, or Mudslide.


Each of these cocktails is simple to make and tasty AF. But why not hit Pinterest or old cocktail recipe books, to find even more Holiday inspiration?

PS: They say practice makes perfect, so try making them a couple times over the holiday period, before you debut your drinks menu. Just think of it as ‘research’.


Then, when you’ve decided, find a fun, festive way of presenting your menu: printed at home, hand-written, shared with guests on your group chat… There’s no wrong way, so have fun with it!

A twist on a classic

The Holidays can mean only one thing… it’s time to pick a go-to Holiday cocktail, to take you through the season.


Think of it as an old friend you can count on, among the chaos and cooking.


For your consideration: the Espresso Martini.


With its velvety texture and rich coffee aftertaste, this classic cocktail has been loved by all since it was invented in 1983 (at the request of a supermodel, but that’s another story).


And the best part? There’s more than one type:


Espresso Martini – Smooth and silky, and guaranteed to keep the festivities going into the night.


Irish Espresso Martini – Replace the vodka with Irish whiskey for a little extra warmth on your taste buds.


Latte Martini– A milky twist on the classic. Great for brunch, dinner and everything in between.

Salted Espresso Martini – A classic Espresso Martini, but with a splash of Kahlúa Salted Caramel instead.


Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini – A seasonal twist adds some Pumpkin Spice heat. Bound to liven things up!


Kahlúa Sour Martini – Zero espresso, but double the Kahlúa, for a sweet and slightly lemony alternative.

Chili Chocolate Mexpresso Martini – A double dose of Mexican heat, thanks to the Kahlúa Chili Chocolate and tequila.


Have fun finding your favourite!


How to get the perfect Espresso Martini foam / froth…


Espresso Martinis are all about that foam / froth, so make sure you shake all the ingredients together with lots of ice for at least 20 seconds.


The more you shake, the more tiny bubbles build up, giving each serving a creamy, velvety head when you pour it out.


PS: For those wondering if this counts as cardio… most probably.


And for those wanting an Espresso Martini with zero alcohol, but all the flavor?


Easy. Just add one part syrup (we recommend either chocolate or vanilla) instead of Kahlúa, to give it the same sweetness.

Out with the old and in with the bold

The Holidays are the perfect time for traditions—old or new, it’s entirely up to you.


So, why not mix the two? Or update the traditions you know and love?


Hit Pinterest throughout the year and start saving awesome ideas, ready for Holiday season.


Use shared boards to get different perspectives (or secret boards, if you’d rather plan in private…).


Our advice? Be bold and have fun with it. Think of everything you love about the season and go BIG!


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