Tips to get you started

Cocktail countdown

Our best tip for the big night is to keep things simple. No one wants to spend hours shaking cocktails in the kitchen.


So, here are some drink options, which you can easily make with friends. Pick your favorite:


1) The Cold Brew Soda
2) The Latte Martini
3) The Espresso Martini


Need some virtual tips? Why not vote on cocktails to make on the night, and cycle through them on the way to midnight?

The best guests

Whether you’re designing an e-card, or firing up the group chat, it’s time to coordinate.


For a memorable, virtual NYE party, all you need are a few good friends, stable Wi-Fi (also known as the Holy Grail of online parties) and a velvety smooth Espresso Martini…


We’ll drink to that!